Say It Loud! is our way of advocating for, and raising awareness about, sickle cell disease.

At SCANJ, we strive to:

  • keep current with the latest developments in sickle cell disease,
  • champion the efforts of any organization that provides sickle cell disease services,
  • and help families living with SCD to access information, services and programs that can improve their quality of life.

You can Say It Loud! by educating yourself about sickle cell disease.
You can Say It Loud! by advocating for sickle cell disease programs.
You can Say It Loud! by raising awareness through SCANJ programs.

Say It Loud! Awareness is ongoing.

Say It Loud! Awareness Outreach

  • Provides educational materials
  • Provides a monthly newsletter
  • Provides callingpost voice mail announcements
  • Provides PSAs
  • Supports staffing and volunteers at health fairs and presentations
  • Provides SCD Awareness Posters and posters announcing educational/awareness events
  • Provides a display for health fairs, schools, libraries and other appropriate venues
  • Provides and organizes workshops and symposiums throughout the state of New Jersey

Say it Loud! Conversations on Sickle Cell Disease

We are pleased to Say It Loud! by sharing an invitation with you from Centers For Disease Control’s (CDC) Division of Blood Disorders. You are invited to participate in the “Public Health Webinar Series on Hemoglobinopathies” hosted by the CDC on the 4th Thursday of every month from 2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m ET. Each seminar offers a new topic and presenter. The goal of this series is to introduce a collaborative learning platform for providers, consumers, educators, and scientists.
*This schedule is subject to change.

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